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Rossetti Construcciones

Rossetti Construcciones is a company with an experience of more than 15 years. We can offer you the complete package for the full process in realizing any type of construction or house renovation. 

We take on the responsibility in this process, offering suggestions and ideas from start to finish. We provide a guarantee on delivery, job and material. 


Quality and dedication

If you don’t live here permanently, we also offer the opportunity to do the job during your absence so you will not be bothered. During the process we will sent videos to the client showcasing the progress. We will also assist you in arranging permissions if necessary. 

We work with selected materials and we will offer you an optimal balance between price and quality. 


Customer satisfaction

We like to work with challenges such as time and complexity of the work and achieve the best result possible! 

You can contact us by filling in the contact form and we will prepare you a personalized proposal without compromise. 

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Experience at your service

Director of Rossetti Construcciones

Jorge Pérez Rossetti

Jorge Pérez Rossetti

Director of Rossetti Construcciones

After completing his studies in Argentina, Jorge moved as a 21 years young curious man to Spain. He initially worked with construction discovering the intricate world of building and renovation. His ambition drove him to start his own company, gathering a group of skilled colleagues to built a professional team today known as Rossetti Construcciones. Working with his complete own team, he was able to provide full service for the whole process of construction and renovation.

During his experience of more than 15 years, Jorge completed many projects successfully including building houses from scratch on and complete renovations.

His mission is being the tool to achieve what the client would like to create. Using high quality and sustainable materials and working with a skilled work force team, Rossetti Construcciones has gained a reputable name of customer trust and high performance. 

Project Manager

Jeroen Brouwer

Jeroen Brouwer

Project Manager

Born in the Netherlands but living in the beautiful village Calpe. Before I was living in Barcelona and working for more than 10 years for a well-known interior designer. This design firm was responsible for the total reformation and decoration of houses, restaurants and hotels. My work has its core in urban design; fusing total reform with modern decor. 

My passion is to create intimate and unique personal spaces by listening well to the customers hopes and dreams respecting the budget and timeline. 

Living in the Costa Blanca, I found out that it is not easy to find a reliable partner which can provide full service  renovation and additional services. After a critical search, I experienced the professional way of working with Jorge and his team which made me decide to be part of this group and adding my experience to this company. 

My job is on one hand being the person who communicates directly with the client and coordinates and leads the project and on the other hand helping with ideas in terms of the concept and execution of the project. 

As a member of Rossetti Construcciones, it is my pleasure to guide, assist and create your dream home!


These are our specialties


We use high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to ensure long-lasting results


We transform existing spaces into homes and businesses, adapting them to the needs and preferences of our clients.


We offer detailed planning services for each project, working closely with our clients


Our team specialized in interior design is dedicated to creating functional, elegant and welcoming interior spaces.


Our team of exterior construction experts is responsible for improving and beautifying the exterior spaces of properties.


We offer personalized advice from the initial conceptualization to the completion of the entire project


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